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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

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Let’s admit that we’re all getting a little bored of the lockdown and want it to end. Yes, we’re busy with the games on our phones, reading books, learning cooking, starting a fitness regime, socializing on Instagram and other sites. One section of the work from home category is working extra hard to finish their work early so they get free time in hand, and another section of the work from home category is lazing around in the day and getting their work finished at night.

No matter what category we fall into, we’re all staying up. We’re all binge watching series, movies, staying up all night video calling our friends. And what do sleepless nights’ cause?

Today I’m going to bring up a casual yet a very much talked about topic which we all have stressed about one time or another. But the irony – stress is one of the major causes of it. Be it stress caused by work, relationship, family or even a simple house task to be completed that hasn’t been done for days.

Sleep deprivation, stress, dehydration, ageing are some of the reasons that lead to the everlasting problem of DARK CIRCLES!

Since we don’t have the facility of going to salons and getting facial treatments done to make our faces look and stay fresh, let me list down a number of home remedies that can help you fight the problem of dark circles. These remedies are helpful for all skin types of men and women.

  1. Coconut oil: The moisturizing properties of coconut oil promote skin health. Natural healers suggest treating dark circles under your eyes by massaging a few drops of virgin coconut oil under your eyes before going to bed and then leaving it on overnight.

  2. Cold Compress: Consider using a cold compress on your eyes for about 20 minutes. The cold may reduce puffiness and help shrink blood vessels. This can result in a diminishment in the appearance of dark circles.

  3. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties along with moisturizing and antiaging effects on skin. Before going to bed, consider massaging aloe vera gel under your eyes and leaving it on for about 10 minutes before cleaning with a clean cloth or cotton pad. Advocates of natural healing suggest that this might help reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

  4. Cucumber: To try this method twice a day, chop a fresh cucumber into thick slices and then refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then, leave the slices on your eyes for 10 minutes. Rinse your eye area with warm (but not hot) water after using.

  5. Cucumber + Lemon Juice: If cucumber slices don’t work for you, try mixing equal parts cucumber and lemon juice and then use a cotton ball to apply to your under-eye circles. (DO NOT get lemon juice in your eye!) Leave the solution on your skin for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

  6. Rose Water: Rose water doesn’t just smell fantastic – it can also soothe and rejuvenate tired skin. Like cucumber, it’s a mild astringent, so it can work as a skin toner. Just soak cotton makeup remover pads in rose water for a few minutes, and then let the soaked makeup pads sit on your CLOSED eyelids. Leave them for about 15 minutes twice daily

  7. Cold tea bags: Many teas like green tea have the added benefit of antioxidants, which have anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe strained capillaries in your under eye area.

To use cold tea bags as a compress, soak a tea bag in clean water and then place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then, place the tea bags on your eyes. Leave for 10 minutes or so twice daily before removing and rinsing the area with warm water.

  1. Potatoes: Extract the juice from the potato and soak some cotton makeup remover pads in the juice. Place the pads on your eyes for about 10 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

  2. Orange Juice: Add a few drops of glycerine to orange juice and then soak a cotton makeup remover pad to apply to your under-eye skin. You’ll reap the benefits of orange’s vitamins as well as the natural glow glycerine gives to your skin.

  3. Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E helps fight the effect of free radicals that cause signs of aging like wrinkles. Before bed at night, apply a drop of oil (a little goes a long way) to your dark under eye circles, gently massaging it into the skin. Leave this on your skin overnight and in the morning, rinse with warm water.

Additional tip:

Add an extra pillow while going to sleep. When you lie flat, fluid can pool in your lower eyelids and cause your eyes to be puffy. Consider elevating your head with an extra pillow or two.

Let’s not forget to take care of ourselves and our skin just because we don’t step out. Stay fresh and beautiful no matter where you are!

If you have anymore tips to share, please leave a comment below.



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